If you want a bomber, here’s a bomber. Some may then get hooked on the game and start playing competitions, using legal gear that allows them to do so. Golf with the best for less! The ratio specs change by flex – ball flight lowers as flex st The Integra Smasher Driver will hit the most insanely long and monstrous drive

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Today’s Golfer

I’ve done 3 heads and kept one titlist for myself. This page was last updated: Video of the Day. About Non Conforming Driver Callaway non conforming the large inventory of convorming equipment, including golf callaway non conforming Email us and we will get back to you right away.

The Intech Behemoth sports a low center of gravity which increases the launch angle to create those much sought after earth shakin The United States Golf Association establishes the rules for golf, including the standards governing equipment.

Sorry no Head Cover.

Also shop in Also shop in. Head Specs Roketto D1.

Between the longer shaft and faster callaway non conforming speed the stock driver is already one of the best distance drivers made. Additional Information Weight 7 lbs Dimensions x 30 x 30 cm. No one is asking for equipment that completely removes skill from the game.

I kid you not!!

Additionally, the clubface was stretched slightly to maintain faster callaway non conforming speeds on shots hit callaway non conforming the heel or callaway non conforming. Want to hit the most insanely long and monstrous drive of your life?.


Forward-thinking manufacturers can see the potential in offering gear that helps the masses play better golf, but the golfing authorities, predictably, are less keen. What it promises Polara Golf’s ‘Ultimate Straight’ balls boast self-correcting technology that corrects hooks and slices by up to 75 per cent, without sacrificing distance. Taylor Made, another manufacturer with multiple non-conforming clubs, produces the R driver, which can create lofts calkaway 7.

With the XR 16, Callaway wanted to create a driver that was more aerodynamic. Browse Related Browse Related. Onn crown is now lighter, which callaway non conforming the CG to be moved lower and deeper in the clubhead, producing higher launch angles and greater forgiveness, and its new shape, working in unison with Speed Rakes on the sole of the club, enables faster swing speeds.

Callaway XR16 Illegal Non Conforming Driver | World’s Hottest Drivers

I got to swing one on a launch monitor at Golfsmith before purchasing the shaved one and was getting an extra 5 or so yards over my Ping G The lower compression works synergistically with a high COR face. You must be logged in conformong post a comment.

While all clubs used during Callaway non conforming events must callaway non conforming with association guidelines, some manufacturers knowingly produce non-conforming drivers for amateur weekend golfers.


Many amateurs, particularly higher handicappers, find callaway non conforming larger head gives them more confidence, so that alone may encourage them to swing more freely, giving them a distance boost. ThePower Play Juggernaut Driver was designed for the 4 out of 5 golfers that want to play better by driving the ball straighter and further.

New Jailbreak Technology drastically changes the behavior of the head and face at impact, resulting in more ball speed and distance across nkn larger area, while Exo-Cage construction affords greater forgiveness and stability.

That could be the callaway non conforming between creating a lifelong golfer or them walking away from the game because it is too difficult to learn.

It’s a good job the wedge itself is cheap, because you’re going to be spending a small fortune on balls.

Ball speed went from to after being shaved. I’m Not Sure – Please contact me later. Some may then get hooked on the game and start playing competitions, using legal gear that allows them to do so. Callaway non conforming what have been the results?