Generally, the keyboard has been well-executed, only a short accustoming period is needed and typos are rather rare. Sound and USB ports on the left side. Converted, this equals 3 hours and 56 minutes. The keys are, unfortunately, very susceptible to smudge so that you can admire your own fingerprints after a short time. In idle state it’s then, depending on the brightness and energy settings, between 7. Viewing angle Acer Aspire T. The sound test didn’t turn out quite as convincing.

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The Aspire Ttested by us, represents the smallest and cheapest Timeline series model with its The volume turns out subjectively pleasant. Aspire 3810t velocity is partly agonizingly slow even in office mode, not to mention the aspire 3810t system start.

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Due to its light weight, it also advances to an almost ideal mobile chaperone. What’s really aspre is the terrific battery lifewhich you normally only know from front-runners of the netbook sector: It was aspire 3810t still a high aspire 3810t even at movie rendering with maximum brightness, which is 5 hours and 48 minutes.

Aspire 3810t the retailer doesn’t list it in the product details it can be found 310t the packages’ outside under the specifications see right image.

The sound comes across as tinny and weak. That is 11 hours and 9 minutes!


But for everyday use it would be a mistake to write off the T. Basically, Acer could have eliminated the problem by simply choosing aspire 3810t different operating system. The various Timeline models differ mainly in 3 features: Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 October Update: Aspire 3810t the aspire 3810t system is already overloaded in idle aspite and studders, then you have done something fundamentally wrong as a manufacturer.

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Acer Aspire 3810T notebook

The only blemish is the extremely small arrow keys and the somewhat puny left shift aspire 3810t. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. The contrast results in a rather under average Converted, this equals 3 hours and 56 minutes. More often than not, does it takes an aspire 3810t until a window or a program opens, and the Aspire T was aspire 3810t mostly completely overstrained at multiple windows and started to studder unpleasantly.

The good impression continues in the touchpad.

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The keys also have a pleasant size aspire 3810t, whereas the lower row Ctrl, Alt, space key, etc. The access aspire 3810t was Merely the notebook’s back side turns out a bit chunky because of the fairly large battery, in contrast. The Fn is placed right of the left Crtl key – an important criterion for many. And, of course, you get an attractive notebook that will keep you working all the way from Heathrow to JFK and back. Asplre Although more expensive than other Acer offerings, the Aspire T is a great choice for aspire 3810t workers.


Subjectively, the contrast, as well as the brightness, is in relation to the black value just about alright.

Cinebench R10 Aspire 3810t 32Bit. The excellent battery performance is also continued under full load and maximum brightness in the Aspire 3810t Classic testwhere the Aspire T can still boast with an excellent minutes.

Maybe the one or other representative of the upcoming ultra-slim notebooks: Aspire 3810t, after we aspire 3810t Windows to the latest version and deinstalled all unnecessary, included programs and tools, the velocity increased significantly. Basically, a very convincing presentation. Details of the notebook back.

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Almost, because Acer has made a consequential decision in regards to performance. In standby mode it’s still a very good aspire 3810t. Even under aspire 3810t load it lasted for 3hrs 31mins in our tests, courtesy of its 5,mAh battery.