HiDef short for high definition , also called 24p, is a 24 frames-per-second digital video format for high-resolution capture of motion pictures. Another word for signal voltage, power, strength or volume. In , Emile Berliner invented the first microphone used as a telephone voice transmitter. A microphone preamplifier must provide stable gain for small signals without being sensitive to induced noise from cabling and without distorting large amplitude signals. The rate at which electrical energy is applied to or taken from a device. A device which facilitates the linking of any two pieces of equipment or systems; or when used as a verb ‘to interface’ , the process of linking.

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This research showed that our ears respond differently to random noise, and the equal-loudness curves on which the A, B and C weightings were based are really only valid for pure single tones.

A functional path in an audio circuit i. They are robust, relatively inexpensive and resistant alesis io 14 moisture.

Alesis IO Input 24/K FW Audio Interface | PSSL

We have been servicing the needs of professionals for over 40 years! Latency refers i a short period of delay usually measured in milliseconds required for the conversion between analog and digital representations of the sound data. Alesis io 14 shield means youre protected. The RIAA participates alesis io 14 the collection, administration and distribution of music licenses and royalties. The decibel dB is a logarithmic il of measurement that expresses the magnitude of a physical quantity usually power or intensity relative to a specified or implied reference level.


The measure of how fast a circuit is able to respond to fast changes in amplitude in the source signal. When used in conjunction with a mixer as part of a DJ set up, they are often called decks.

A bus can either allow signals alesis io 14 be transferred between devices, the summing mixing of output signals from the devices or the distribution of input signals or power amongst the ip.

More Firewire Audio Interfaces. It is the RIAA disc equalization aesis that are almost universally followed by record companies making LPs, and by hardware manufacturers configuring their phono amplifiers. Sign me up for Weekly Deals. When the circuit is driven with direct current Alesis io 14 there is no distinction between impedance and resistance; the latter can be thought of as alesis io 14 with zero phase angle.

Alesis Io14 – FireWire Audio Interface

A-weighting is also used when measuring noise in audio equipment, especially in the U. A high slew rate will generally translate into a “tighter” and cleaner signal. Prices, specifications, alesis io 14 images are subject to change without notice.

Usage of these alesis io 14 is not uniform across the English-speaking world. Professional Definition of Interface: Studio Interfaces Firewire Audio Interfaces. Staff with Know-How Performance Audio has long believed that experience and knowledge are vital to building relationships with our customers.

No Longer Available This item has either been alesis io 14 by the manufacturer or is no longer available to purchase on our website. This, coupled with their high gain before feedback makes them ideal for on-stage use. All products in Firewire Audio Interfaces. The word digital comes from the same source as the word digit and digitus the Latin word for fingeras fingers are used for discrete counting.


Shop All Audio Interfaces. It is often contrasted with monophonic, or “mono” sound, where audio is alesis io 14 the form of one channel, often centered in the sound field analogous to a visual field.

They are also known as stereophones, headsets or, colloquially cans. In general, low frequency and high frequency sounds appear to be less loud than mid-frequency sounds, and the effect is more pronounced at low levels, with a flattening of alesis io 14 at high levels. The microphone preamplifier sometimes colloquially known as alesis io 14 “microphone preamp”, “mike preamp”, or “mic preamp”.

We have one of the largest inventories in the industry.

Cameras of this capture depth have been available only since about Greater numbers of audio tracks alesis io 14 be recorded by synchronizing several ADAT machines alesis io 14. A-weighting is the most commonly used of a family of curves defined in IEC and various other standards relating to the measurement of perceived loudness, as opposed to actual sound intensity.